Meet The Girls

Meet The Girls

Kaitlyn and Megan met quite a few years ago over the internet. Yes, the internet. 
They bonded over a love of London, a hatred of navigating the dating dos and don'ts of twenty-somethings, and a desire to see as much of the world as possible. 


  • Her itchy feet have pulled her to live all over the world, including Australia, Czech Republic, and Croatia.
  • She has a weakness for men with accents. (Don't we all?)
  • Put wasabi peas in front of her and she'll eat them by the handful. 
  • Every once and awhile she blogs about her life of travel over at Where is Kait?


  • Her first flight took place at only 18 months old, and since then she has traveled to over 30 different countries. 
  • English football is her religion, and the allegiance she has to Arsenal runs deep.
  • With the amount of books she owns, you'd think she's trying to start her own library. 
  • She runs a lifestyle and travel blog over at Hello Megan O!